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Dance is brand new to Ambassador this year and we are so excited to have it. Dance is one of the many PE options we offer here at Ambassador. Our high school students are REQUIRED to partake in a sport, and dance is now one of those options. Our PE classes take place during our H period, which is M-TH from 2:15-3:00. Four times a week, our students must participate in their chosen PE activity. However, Dance is more than a PE, it is also an art, which is why this program is a blend between all things dance and fitness related. Our dance teacher is Isabelle Hesse, is new to Ambassador this year and comes from an extensive dance background.
Ms. Hesse's goals for the dance program are as follows: 
- Have every dancer understand that a dancers body is a body that dances.
- Each dancer will gain experience under the styles of: Ballet, Jazz, Hip-Hop, and Contemporary (Modern/Lyrical).
- Performances are required. Dancers will perform in shows and at school events, such as Basketball games and pep rallies. 
- Challenge your creativity. 
-Psalm 149:3

“Let them praise His name with dancing;

Let them sing praises to Him with timbrel and lyre."

We are all made in the perfect image of God and are all perfectly capable of performing dance functions. Dance is a way to celebrate yourself, one another, and to praise God and Jesus Christ.

The Dance program is structured so that students gain a well rounded dance experience. There are so many avenues a dancer could take, such as: professional company performer (typically there is one style the company specializes in), music videos or musical performances, professional sports dance teams, or simply wanting to be active and much more. No matter what route you'd like to child to partake in, this program is built to prepare them for any and all of them! Ms. Hesse has articulated that, when she was in college, she was introduced to the collegiate dance team world, which was vastly different from the studio training she was brought up in. Although she felt decently prepared for the dance team world, she wishes she had more exposure early on. Her goals for the program are to mesh together classical studio training with dance team training and expectations. In the future, our Dance Team will prepare for competitions, but for right now, we are focusing on their training and creativity.