October Newsletter from Head of School

October 2020 Letter from our Head of School


Dr. Michael Barker, Ed. D.

This month I have been especially thankful for serving as the Head of School because I am continually astounded by our students and faculty.  With the idea that God will help us all overcome the challenges of COVID 19, our chapel team and Bible teacher developed the sermon series, “Even If.” Using Bible characters from the Old and New Testaments as examples, our students have seen that through God, one can overcome social pressures and spiritual persecution.  Mr. Silva was able to preach the final sermon in the series to highlight Jesus Christ as our savior to help overcome sin and this world.  Thank you chapel team for all your hard work to take our services virtual.  

This last week at chapel our Worship Leader, Aariahn Curls, shared from the scriptures that she relies on Proverbs 3:5, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and don’t lean on your own understanding.”  Her reminder that God is faithful and when we don’t understand, or cannot  see the blessings of God, that God is still so good.  Her reminder that “Even If” life is challenging and unclear, God is here with us. 

Our next sermon series will be centered around the book of Malachi. Our students will be studying the prophet Malachi, and preaching their very own sermons each week at Chapel. I am looking forward to their messages, as they share their hearts and the Word of God with us. 

A bright feature of our new campus, has been the opportunities we have had to place our signage on and around our building. I am excited to share with you that our permanent street sign will be arriving and installed the first week of this month. AHS families and prospective families are able to drive into the campus and see our office and take a tour. Our classrooms have 250 megs of wifi coverage and are spacious enough for social distancing. 

Branding our school in the community is going well and engaging new, potential AHS families. In addition to Mrs. Duperron, our wonderful Admissions & Marketing Director, we have welcomed our very first alumni, Ninabella Gonzalez to the AHS Marketing Team. Ninabella has a B.A. degree from NYU in Communications and is working with Mrs. Duperron to build our brand and social media presence. It is such a joy to have Ninabella with us, and to see our alumni back at AHS, working towards their purpose in Christ. 

This is our second month of chapel small groups, and I have heard nothing but great things. I asked some of our families to consider hosting in-person small groups in their backyards.  The goal of in-person small groups is to give interested students a place to watch chapel and talk about the sermon and how they are doing with the pressure of high school.  During this first quarter, small groups have been getting to know and trust each other, and I am excited to report that students and faculty are reporting a positive experience with small groups.  Students are socially distanced and wearing masks, but they get to be together for a time to socialize. We are still supporting students with a Zoom small group in addition. I want to thank all our hosting families for opening their homes every week and supporting our students! 

I am astounded by the donors at AHS. In opening our school at a new site, we needed to get internet to eight different classrooms in three different buildings.  AHS is unique because we have an angel technology donor with a Ph.D. in Computer Science. Last month, he spent countless hours here at school to connect a fiber network to all our classrooms.  He does not like to be recognized, but I wanted to give God glory for his service and love for AHS.  This wonderful person has given and loved the students and faculty at AHS and set up our entire network.  God knows him well, but Ambassador has 250 megs of wifi in each room and a superb network because of his gifts and work.  God will continue to bless him for his love and service to the students and Christ.  

Alumni highlight this month would be “The Mousepad Company” owned by Trevor and Shane  Cotton.  The Mousepad Company has developed state of the art pad designs for gaming using a DuraGlyde™ material that allows for low friction movement.  These two brothers are graduates of AHS and are some of our most enterprising alumni. These young entrepreneurs who have worked really hard have become excellent in the marketplace and are a great example that all things are possible.  Congratulations Trevor and Shane for your dedication and success.  Check out www.themousepadcompany.com to place orders. 

Thank you all for your prayers for our students and school during this challenging time.  Just so you know, AHS has risen above the challenges and our school is thriving.  We would love to have our students back in person, but even during this time period we are going to stay true to our call to excellence in education.