Safer at Home - AHS Stays Virtual until May 4th

One of the school's requirements is for each student to own their own iPad or laptop. Students use their devices daily in their classrooms, using the Canvas platform to receive assignments, website links, activities, & teacher instructions. When the school needed to follow the "Stay at Home" directive, AHS teachers quickly went to work, making sure they knew how to use Canvas Conferencing & other methods of video conferencing for their classrooms. Because of these things, AHS was able to go virtual immediately, not missing any school instructional days. Students check in to each of their classes just like a normal school day. It's been such a blessing to be able to give our kids a sense of normalcy in the face of so many changes. With 100% attendance and the continued education of all of our students, we can only thank God for providing the people & the resources to keep our school thriving, and not just surviving. Praise God! And Lions - you all rock!
March 31, 2020
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